Monday, August 10, 2009

How to help?

I've had people asking me how they can get involved with "Sew Blessed,' and help out. So I thought I would outline a few suggestions of ways you can get involved.

Basically I need fabric to make items, whether it be clothes or little toys. Now, any fabric is welcome, including fabric from a shop (say Spotlight) off the bolt, or good secondhand items, like pillow cases, sheets and old cotton shirts etc. As long as the fabric is still in good useable condition, I can make plenty of items from things like pillow cases or shirts. Maybe raid your linen closets and see what you no longer need and send it in. Or go through your husbands wardrobe and find some shirts he no longer wears. It's amazing what you can actually make from a mens shirt! I've made a dress from one, and once a few cute trimmings are added, like some ribbon, and buttons -it's gorgeous!

If you can sew, and you'd like to help make items - go for it! I've included a few links on the left in my sidebar which are for easy tutorials for making clothes. Or you can come up with something yourself!
If you have any other ideas, or suggestions to get involved, please contact me - I'd love to hear from you.

And just to finish off with a photo of some gorgeous fabric that has been donated. Thank you Sandy for sending it in - it's just gorgeous, and I'm so blessed by your generosity. Watch out for coming photos of the finished items!