Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December Update.

I'm sure I'm not the only one scratching my head, wondering what happened to August and September. I mean, it was only June a few weeks ago, right?

Sometimes it scares me how fast the days go by. Which always reminds me that I need to cherish each day I have on this earth, and use my days wisely. I'm making a determined change to stop wasting time watching TV or reading useless things, but to do something else with my time, and be wise in how I spend it.

I don't want to get to the end of my life and go, "what happened to my 20's? What did I do in my 30's?" I want to enjoy every moment, and most importantly, live each moment for God.

So, what has been happening here at Sew Blessed?
Well, I had the most wonderful shock and suprise when Lisa (no blog) donated 3 huge garbage bags full of kids fabrics and polar fleece!! I couldn't wipe the smile off my face for days!! Thank you so so VERY much to Lisa for her most generous donation. I already have so many ideas of what to make with the gorgeous fabric.

I'm still hoping and aiming toward going to Indonesia in March. I really need to get a wriggle on though and make some more items. If by some chance I have not got enough things made, I might have to postpone my trip and go later in the year.

But here are some more cuties that I have sewn lately. The pretty purple and pink small floral fabric was donated by Sandy (no blog,) and I'm sure some little girls are going to just love it!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

All things happen for a reason...

You know, I don't believe in conincidences. I really don't. I seriously believe that everything that happens in my life is a result of God and His hand at work. For example, the day I got stuck behind an awfully slow car on the road meant I was 1 minute late in missing an accident at an intersection up ahead. Something that I was impatient and annoyed about probably saved my life.

And it doesn't just happen to me either. I am sure alot of you have similar stories. My friend stopped at a red light a number of years ago late at night. When the lights turned green, his car wouldn't move forward. The car was running, but no matter how hard he pressed the gas, it would not move. (And no - he didn't have the hand brake on!) A few seconds later, a massive truck ran through the intersection in the opposite direction on the red light. As soon as the truck passed through, my friends car moved forward. True story! How great is our God?!

And it's not just in the big things of life either that I don't think coincidences exist, but in the small, seemingly unimportant bits too. Like with my sewing for Sew Blessed. See the pink dress up above? The pink material was a pillowcase I found at an Op shop a few months back. I wanted to use some of Mellys gorgeous fabric to 'pretty it up,' so found the lovely oval shaped fabric that matched in perfectly. That fabric from Melly was already cut into rectangles. I had to have a chuckle when I realised that the rectangles were the exact same width as the pillowcase, even minus the seam allowances!

I know some people would say that's just sheer luck and a coincidence, but no. I believe God has a hand in it all. Sometimes we just need to be open to let Him work. And open our eyes to see Him work.

So I just had to share some of the bits I have been making of late! Yay for finally having some time to sew!! The blue shorts were the first ever pair of shorts I have made. And I am so chuffed with them! I didn't have a pattern, but just sort of drew and guessed - and yay, they worked! Once again, I used some of Mellys fabric to smarten them up. I think I'll be making alot of shorts as the boys are constantly wearing them for playing and swimming etc.

I made the pretty green dress yesterday, once again using a pillowcase and some of Mellys donated fabric. I love this dress! I just added a simple casing around the middle with some Amy Butlers Daisy Chain, and threaded elastic through. Just to give it some shape and body. We think this dress should fit an 8-10 year old.

Oh, and some other big news. A dear friend of mine is going to Indonesia in March next year, and I am hopefully going to tag along with her! She is going to Bali and Papua for 2 weeks, which is exactly where I wanted to go. So I am now madly sewing items to be ready in time! I can't wait!!!
So I shall leave you with a photo of a beautiful beach in Papua....
... and the damaging after effects of such a beach, with sunburn!!
I still have scars on my shoulders!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

In awe...

You know, back when God gave me the idea of Sew Blessed, I must admit I had some narrow vision at the time. I only saw this as a small-scale-one-woman-mission. But God has bigger things in mind than what I can only imagine, and I am constantly in awe when people want to get involved with my project and help. Not in awe that people are generous, for I know you are! But just in awe that people are catching the vision that God has placed in my heart. And that is exciting!

And God is going over and above, and exceeding my every expectation with Sew Blessed. When I dream small, He dreams big! So, I have recieved two wonderful donations that I would like to share with you.

I had the most lovely email a few weeks back from the talented and fabulous Melly, from Melly and Me. She had seen my Sew Blessed blog, wanted to get invovled and help, and she said she would send me some goodies in the mail.

Now, what a suprise I got when this arrived soon after....

My jaw was seriously on the ground, as I excitedly explored through the goodies Melly had sent.

Not only did she send me a stack of gorgeous fabric from her stash, she also sent some of her fantastic Melly and Me patterns so I can make some toys for the kids! And she included 2 of her gorgeous bags! Look at the bags! Aren't they super cute?!

Well, I'm sure you can imagine my excitement! So a HUGE thank you to Melly for these wonderful items. I can't wait to start making some toys for the kids!
And to anyone else reading, go visit Mellys blog and check out her great patterns!

Now onto my second donation, which I just recieved in the mail this morning. A sewing friend of mine from Western Australia, Linda, has once again shocked me by all these fantastic items she sent me.

Linda has made 16 fabulous pairs of shorts, 6 pretty skirts, and has also included a massive roll of elastic, a pack of ric rac and lace, and a huge spool of thread!! Wow! Thank you so much Linda! It is all just wonderful and perfect.

So yes, if I wasn't feeling so dreadfully ill with the flu I would be jumping around with joy and excitement! Such wonderful donations, and once again - a huge thank you!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

An update..

(Papuan kids playing Soccer)

Well, things are getting quite exciting here! I have had alot of people interested in helping in some way with Sew Blessed, which is such an encouragment to me! It is wonderful when other people catch my idea and vision, and get involved and help. What a joy!

I've had ladies from all over the world keen to be involved, which is just fantastic! So a huge thank you to you all! So many children are going to be blessed by your generosity.

I have also been feeling led to consider Papua as a place for my first trip. I went there in 2007, and I have a number of contacts there. I've been told there is an orphange with 25 kids in need of some love and care. So I'm praying about this, and seeing where God would lead us to go.

Isn't this little girl just delightful? We went to their village for a day (would you believe, their village is called K19? Most of these people have been placed in areas by the government, and the villages are given numbered names to keep an easy record of places and people.)
Anyway, this little girl was so shy, but she kept following me around for the whole day, and eventually I was able to snap this photo of her. What a darling she is.

Thank you to my friend Julie for this donation of wonderful fabric! I can already picture little dresses, and headscarves, and toys, and all sorts of good things! Thanks Julie!

"The less people speak of their greatness, the more we think of it"

Sir Fances Bacon

Monday, August 10, 2009

How to help?

I've had people asking me how they can get involved with "Sew Blessed,' and help out. So I thought I would outline a few suggestions of ways you can get involved.

Basically I need fabric to make items, whether it be clothes or little toys. Now, any fabric is welcome, including fabric from a shop (say Spotlight) off the bolt, or good secondhand items, like pillow cases, sheets and old cotton shirts etc. As long as the fabric is still in good useable condition, I can make plenty of items from things like pillow cases or shirts. Maybe raid your linen closets and see what you no longer need and send it in. Or go through your husbands wardrobe and find some shirts he no longer wears. It's amazing what you can actually make from a mens shirt! I've made a dress from one, and once a few cute trimmings are added, like some ribbon, and buttons -it's gorgeous!

If you can sew, and you'd like to help make items - go for it! I've included a few links on the left in my sidebar which are for easy tutorials for making clothes. Or you can come up with something yourself!
If you have any other ideas, or suggestions to get involved, please contact me - I'd love to hear from you.

And just to finish off with a photo of some gorgeous fabric that has been donated. Thank you Sandy for sending it in - it's just gorgeous, and I'm so blessed by your generosity. Watch out for coming photos of the finished items!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Blessed by beauty...

I went for my daily walk this morning, and I was just in awe at the beauty of creation and nature all around me. There was a heavy frost on the ground, but the sky was a brilliant blue, and the sun was just rising, casting golden sparkles. The colours were just breathtaking. I am always amazed at the beauty all around me, and its all the handiwork of an awesome Creator and God. How kind of him to create wonders and beauties for us to enjoy and love.

As I was walking, I really caught a desire to bless these children with beauty. Alot of the children I met in Indonesia don't live in very beautiful places, and their clothes are tatty and worn. I don't want to just make clothes for them, I want to make beautiful clothes and items. I want to make things that are special, and have been made with love, care and attention. I want these children to feel beautiful and special when they wear these clothes, or hug that toy, and I want them to see the beauty in this world.

I wanted to share some of my excitement with you about the first dress I have made. I was amazed at how quick and easy it was to make, and I just love how it has turned out. The bright yellow is just gorgeous, and I love the funky strip at the bottom.

Would you believe that this dress came from a cotton curtain I found at the Op Shop? I've chopped it all up and made two dresses from it. I can't wait to see a beautiful little girl wearing it someday.

I've also been blessed by some beautiful fabric that has come my way, which will be perfect for dresses, shorts and blankets.

God is always so good to provide us with what we need, and to bring people across our path at just the right time. It's always so exciting!

So, be blessed and encouraged by the beauty all around you. It may just be a flower you passed on your way to work, or a smile from a friend. Be blessed!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


"A faith-based mission dedicated to blessing orphaned children in South East Asia through clothes and handmade items."

:The Background:

In 2007, I spent two months in Borneo and West Papua doing missionary work. We lived in remote villages, in amongst the locals, and helped them in anyway that we could. We slashed paddocks for rice crops, we taught english in schools, we preached in churches, and prayed over people who needed healing. It was the most amazing 2 months of my life.

In amongst these, and other things, we also were able to help out at an orphanage in Pontianak, Borneo. We repainted some rooms, helped to repair the old leaky roof, and played with the children. My heart was opened to these beautiful children, and not just the children from this particular orphanage, but to each child I met during my time in Indonesia. Alot of them were living in terrible poverty, yet their faces shone with hope and happiness. These beautiful children changed my life, and I've wanted to find some way to help and bless them for so long now. These kids deserve every good thing in this world, and hopefully we can show them the love of God, and make a small difference in their life.

:The Vision:

I feel that God has placed an idea, a vision in my heart, and that is to bless these children with handmade gifts and love. I want to make pretty dresses, shorts, blankets, skirts, singlets, dolls and toys, and then bundle them all up and deliver them personally to the children that need them most. I know this simple act of giving handmade clothes, blankets and toys will mean so much to them, and will be such a blessing to their hearts, and I want to see their faces when they recieve these blessings, and share in their joy.

I am so excited about making these beautiful items, for these beautiful kids, and sharing God's love with them. I hope that you may catch my vision and dream, and join me in this important mission of giving to others.

:How you can help:

If you feel touched to join me, there are a number of ways you can help.

1. Make something! Can you sew? Brilliant! We are making simple items of clothing and blankets, that can easily be made by someone with limited experience on a sewing machine. Please see some of the links on our sidebar for patterns and tutorials. Or come up with your own ideas and make something. Perhaps you aren't a sewer, but you knit or crochet - fantastic! Knitted blankets for babies, and knitted toys and booties are perfect. Get your friends involved, and spread the word. If you need some ideas, or have questions, please contact me.

2. Donate items! Do you have some old (but clean!) pillowcases, sheets or fabric lying around that you no longer want? Or perhaps your local Op Shop has a great stash of items? Please feel free to send them in, and we can make clothes, blankets and dolls from them. We do prefer 100% cotton (due to the warm climates the items will be going to,) but Polycotton is fine too. We also need thread (for sewing machines,) and more elastic.

3. Give financially! Perhaps you can't sew, but you still want to help out. Donations of money are gratefully accepted, and will go towards purchasing fabric and thread, and the airfare to deliver these items personally.

Please contact me if you have any questions at all. I'm happy to help!

"Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue, but with actions and in truth."
1 John 3:18