Saturday, September 5, 2009

An update..

(Papuan kids playing Soccer)

Well, things are getting quite exciting here! I have had alot of people interested in helping in some way with Sew Blessed, which is such an encouragment to me! It is wonderful when other people catch my idea and vision, and get involved and help. What a joy!

I've had ladies from all over the world keen to be involved, which is just fantastic! So a huge thank you to you all! So many children are going to be blessed by your generosity.

I have also been feeling led to consider Papua as a place for my first trip. I went there in 2007, and I have a number of contacts there. I've been told there is an orphange with 25 kids in need of some love and care. So I'm praying about this, and seeing where God would lead us to go.

Isn't this little girl just delightful? We went to their village for a day (would you believe, their village is called K19? Most of these people have been placed in areas by the government, and the villages are given numbered names to keep an easy record of places and people.)
Anyway, this little girl was so shy, but she kept following me around for the whole day, and eventually I was able to snap this photo of her. What a darling she is.

Thank you to my friend Julie for this donation of wonderful fabric! I can already picture little dresses, and headscarves, and toys, and all sorts of good things! Thanks Julie!

"The less people speak of their greatness, the more we think of it"

Sir Fances Bacon

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